ファッションアイテムを超え、一つのアートとしてお届けするジュエリーブランド。時代や性別を問わず、普遍的に愛されるジュエリーを展開。デザインから製作まで、全工程をディレクター自身が手掛ける。「Love & Loosey」をコンセプトに、2020年よりvalentineをスタート。

"valentine" is more than a jewelry. We believe our products as modern art, where all the generations and genders spend precious time. Whole processes for each work are directed by valentine to bring our love to people. "Love & Loosey", always keep it in mind from 2020 when the time we launched valentine. Be the love from valentine with you.

"Love & Loosey"

"Love & Loose" Loosey is a word that combines the meaning of "looseness" and "a single cigarette". In a lovely mood, We will develop items that make you feel rebellious spices.